Hospital staff were allowed to go home every night, mix with people, pick up the fictional virus, go back in to Aisling's sick father in their porous fraud masks. It's understandable that the ill and their loved ones must be tortured. HSE soldiers get special treatment.

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Why can't GOVCORP employ real actors for controlled opposition like every other country, it's horrible watching unchoreographed rubbish, bad timing, bad language and really bad acting.

And, the cast keeps changing but the script is the same, B rate stuff anyway, like cheap(but expensive) rte tv

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When I first listened to Alan Watt, 20 years ago now, he always warned, "Your leaders are given to you". It's almost funny how I have had 20 years to test that hypothesis and over and over, indeed it's been shown to happen. He also speculated President Trump, although one of 'them', didn't pursue America's foreign policy of permanent wars and thus ended his presidency early.

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...anyone heard of or recall this guy?...Rick Rescorla rip ...🙏➕🙏...the selflessness he exemplified on 9/11 is in such sharp contrast to our now regular experience of callous deniers and mentally and spiritually detached ogres is to approach the outright incomprehensible...such is beyond the imaginative encompass of even Rod Serling and his evocative 'Twilight Zone'! ...enough!...its truly heart wrenching when he said goodbye to his beloved wife Susan and re-entered the building ... https://twitter.com/RealSpikeCohen/status/1701192725851173171 ... for good measure here's where i sourced the above, its Margaret Anna Alice's comment on the following substack...interestingly, i feel myself 'on fire' assimilating this...i hope this 'fire' spreads...( https://celiafarber.substack.com/p/sept-11-reader-comments-i-hate-9?utm_campaign=email-post&r=1uo2p8&utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email )

Margaret Anna Alice

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Thank you for sharing Cat’s perceptive comment, Celia. What she demonstrated is that she possesses the situational awareness and self-preservation instinct that most people have had educated out of them.

The lesson I take away from the 9/11 and Maui attacks is: THOSE WHO DISOBEYED SURVIVED.

There is no better illustration of this principle than the ordinary hero Rick Rescorla, who saved 2,700 individuals by leading them in a life-saving act of disobedience:


Below is the text for those not on Twitter:

This man's name is Rick Rescorla. 22 years ago today, Rick disobeyed orders, and saved 2700 lives. Rick was the head of security for Morgan Stanley in the South Tower of the World Trade Center. He warned that the Towers' basements were vulnerable to attack. His warnings fell on deaf ears. Then the 1993 attack happened, and people started listening to him. After that attack, Rick implemented regular evacuation drills, using his megaphone to direct the thousands of employees out of their offices, down the stairwells, and out of the building to safety. Born in Cornwall, Rick would sing Welsh and Cornish songs from his megaphone, as he directed the employees out of the building. He would routinely tell all of the employees: in an emergency, no matter what chaos is happening around you, no matter what anyone tells you, leave your offices, go down the stairwells, and leave the building. Rick told his wife Susan that he suspected another attack on the World Trade Center would happen, this time by air. And 22 years ago today, on September 11, 2001, that attack happened. When the first plane hit the North Tower, the Port Authority announced over the South Tower's speaker system "Please do not leave the building. This area is secure." Rick ignored them. "The dumb sons of b------s told me not to evacuate," he said to his best friend Dan. "They said it's just Building One. I told them I'm getting my people the f--k out of here." And so Rick picked up his megaphone as he had done so many times before, told his employees not to listen to the orders, and directed them out of the building. His Cornish songs helped keep their nerves calm as they evacuated, even after the second plane hit their Tower. Once he had successfully evacuated his employees, Rick went back to look for survivors. But first, he called his wife Susan. "Stop crying. I have to get these people out safely. If something should happen to me, I want you to know I've never been happier. You made my life." Rick rushed back to the South Tower. That was the last time anyone saw him alive. All but 6 of the more than 2700 Morgan Stanley employees survived. Had they obeyed the Port Authority, they would all be dead. Thankfully, they listened to Rick instead. Rest in Peace, Rick. Thank you for your service.

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