Whenever I catch myself calling a tyrannical person a 'Nazi' I cringe. It's a passé, outdated anti-German trope.Lesser men that can't compete have twisted German diligence and excellence into a negative thing.Similarly a spotlessly clean compassionate hospital run by nuns or a Catholic school that produces studious well mannered kids is twisted into authoritarianism.High standards and merit create greatness.

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It's as simple as Allies = All Lies.....

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Fascinating information about Hitler, thank you for sharing Gemma. This is a very interesting video that talks about the important role played by Ireland in the history of civilization :


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...i'm intruding here 'cause of the urgency of our situation involving the UN and WHO...they're rapidly tightening the noose at the 'technical' level of their innate depravity...here's a link to an article from Interest of Justice including their petition and i hope WHOever reads this will sign immediately...i'm sure Adolf would have! ... https://interestofjustice.substack.com/p/8-days-until-leaders-adopt-permanent ...and if anyone's bored or is unaware of the significance impending here's my signatures accompanying comment which i hope 'captures' the meaning of their intent...i hope its an aid to clarifying our thinking...'beg to be excused' however i find representing ideas in words does mine...and its excellent exercise during these turbulent times of superficial texting...

'It is obvious that the WHO are in the right business, by which of course i mean the medical business, as they constitute in one body the sickest and most unhealthy organism on Earth. Urged on by the ceaseless promptings of their vile character of leadership they seek to further impose their operations leading to the fulfilment of their unconscionable and nefarious agenda on unsuspecting humanity to the uttermost in terms of irreparable damage as long as the current iteration of the race exists. This is a deplorable agenda and contravenes every sense of natural justice pervading it and to which the universe is heir. Theirs is a crime perpetrated against states of natural existences and all the implications therein implied. They are detestable entities and it is our DUTY to resist their evil, and not only that but succeed in our endeavors! Let us ensure that with God's help we do so! ...🙏➕🙏...'

...and in fact, its much better and succinctly explained through the following meme..?!?...😖😣😩...which i'm told Chrome does not support!...ah! shucks!...(edit:... voila!.. https://substackcdn.com/image/fetch/f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/https%3A%2F%2Fsubstack-post-media.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fpublic%2Fimages%2F36609c17-9a2f-4b31-b3d9-1834563422ac_750x605.jpeg )...

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Hi Gemma, be aware that the FBI is trained by the ADL to hunt down and crush Traditional Catholics. This post of yours if evidence. You do Trad Catholics no favor by this post. As a fellow Catholic I'm requesting you remove it, please. I beg you. What would Pope St. Pius the X say?

I don't understand why you would stick your neck out and align yourself with the likes of Hitler! I'm a follower of "assimilated" Jewish historian of hidden history, Henry Makow. He has posted evidence that Hitler was working both sides, e.g., Nazi Socialism and Communism; he was paid by Jews, etc.

"Did Jews Help Plan the Holocaust?" "Hitler was a God send for Israel." Found in www.henrymakow.com/002030.html

"Cabalist Bankers Funded Hitler Via Wehrmacht." https://www.henrymakow.com/001936.html

I learned from Makow that you need to make the necessary distinction between Cabalist-Talmudic Jews and the average Jews who, according to Makow, are themselves victims of the Illuminati Jews.

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